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Outline-based Test Plans

AscentialTest provides a specialized editor, designed for writing outline-based test plans. Documenting test requirements in outline form provides an immediate advantage that is easy to overlook. Compared to simply compiling a list of tests, the outline form provides a graphical view of test requirements, making it much easier to determine the level of test coverage that a test plan provides. Let’s look at a very simple example:


The test plan on the left in the figure above displays a simple list of tests. Notice how it repeats information like the words ‘Missing’ and ‘Required Field’. It’s not easy to figure out what is being covered without studying it. The test plan on the right is structured. A quick look informs the reader that there are three types of tests, ‘Required Fields’, ‘Confirmed Fields’ and ‘Formatted Fields’. During a peer review, it’s easy to guess that one of the first questions that will be discussed is whether all of the required, confirmed and formatted fields are covered. Reviewing a plan written graphically encourages the test plan writer and the reviewer alike to drill down deeper to ensure comprehensive coverage. In a simple example like the one presented above, the difference in the two planning approaches may be subtle, but if you imagine a more complex test problem, the advantage of the outline-based format will quickly become evident. For a full description of AscentialTest's test planning capabilities, please submit an Information Request from the Zeenyx website.

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Zeenyx Software is committed to providing a solution for manual and automated testing that will allow all members of the team to build effective tests faster than with traditional manual testing methods so that a positive Return on Investment is achieved the very first time tests are deployed.


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