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Why Invest in Test Automation Beyond ROI

There are a number of reasons why organizations who develop or deploy software should consider test automation. If properly designed, automated tests can provide a good return on investment. Yet as thorough a job as we might do calculating the ROI, some of the risks and benefits defy quantification. For instance, how do you measure the cost of losing an eCommerce customer to a competitor during the holiday shopping season because they found an error in their shopping cart? Here is a list of other considerations.

Why consider test automation?

  • Productivity - reduces labor-some task of manual testing
  • Repeatability - same tests get executed each time
  • Efficiency – shortens test cycles, reduces costs
  • Effectiveness – increases test coverage, improves quality
  • Flexibility - late changes can be accepted
  • Accountability – produces a record of executed test procedures and results for audit
  • Stability – simulate usage over long period of time
  • Complacency – over time groups tend to short-cut test cycles
  • Preservation – tester expertise is captured in the automated tests
  • Environment – provides a means of testing when a component outside application changes

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Zeenyx Software is committed to providing a solution for manual and automated testing that will allow all members of the team to build effective tests faster than with traditional manual testing methods so that a positive Return on Investment is achieved the very first time tests are deployed.


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