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Thoughts upon returning from the ISUG conference

When SAP purchased Sybase a few years ago, many feared that it spelled the end of PowerBuilder, an application development tool that makes it easy to develop high-performance, data-driven business applications. Having just returned from the ISUG (Independent SAP Technical User Group) conference that focuses on former Sybase products, it’s clear that the original PowerBuilder product managers and specialists, some of them now SAP employees, and the user community alike, continue to be passionate about the product.

The conference, held this week in Atlanta, felt like it was at least in part a celebration because, through the concerted effort of these folks (including an online petition led by Bruce Armstrong), SAP has finally announced that PowerBuilder is an official product. It appears that PowerBuilder has a future, which is good news for the thousands of organizations that have used it since 1991. The conference was small by comparison to mega conferences like TechEd, but where it lacked in quantity, it made up in quality. There was strong feeling of community amongst the participants and a whole lot of sharing of ideas and techniques.  Zeenyx was happy to contribute sessions on automated testing as we are becoming known as THE testing tool for PowerBuilder applications.

Do we plan on attending, next year’s meeting? You bet. If you are a PowerBuilder shop, we hope to meet you there.

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